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A little about Wendy 

It all began with a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course, as dramatic as it may sound, that changed my life. Through the 8-week meditation practice and immersion in the present moment, I unlocked a wealth of self-awareness that had eluded me despite previously delving into countless books and courses. This introspective journey allowed me not only to acknowledge the intensity of my anxiety but also to recognize how it had profoundly controlled various aspects of my life.  Spending time "within", revealed a newfound sense of purpose. Although the specifics of my destination remained unclear, I felt an unshakable calling to share my experiences in the hope of aiding others on their own paths.  

Armed with a clear sense of purpose, I found that the right courses, connections, and opportunities seemed to gravitate effortlessly toward me. My mindfulness training propelled me to explore the realm of positive psychology, broadening my understanding even further.

As my mindfulness practice deepened, so did my connection with my own energy and the energy of those around me. To my astonishment, this heightened awareness ignited  intuitive abilities I never dreamt to be possible and further  led me along this exciting path of self discovery.

In my heart, I hold the belief that learning is an unending journey, and I embrace each new lesson and subject with enthusiasm. Over the years, I have been humbled to offer teachings, mentoring, and healing to others. Through these interactions, I continuously grow and learn, gaining fresh insights every single day.

The essence of my vision for "Mind Over Matter" lies in following the gentle nudges of my inner wisdom. I am dedicated to helping others find their purpose and guiding them to embrace their individual journeys with a spirit of joy, tranquility, and gratitude. As I wholeheartedly embrace this mission, I aspire to create a positive impact in the lives of those I encounter, illuminating their paths with newfound clarity and purpose.    

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Wendy offers a variety of courses on topics of Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Intuitive Energy Healing.  For more information see the course list below.

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